Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Another fresh start. I already lost count on how many times I tried to organize my life and set a schedule of my activities in order to avoid wasting  my time in front of the computer but failed constantly in my attempt to be productive.
I just want to remind myself that December is fast approaching and I haven't done anything to make this year a memorable one. Just another normal boring year for me.
Well, it wasn't totally boring because I've discovered a lot of interesting hobbies lately, including watching Fliptop and new social networking sites that will steal my time away from facebook, my best friend for the past four years.

2013 highlights
* Got the courage to stand up for my own rights. Hihihi! (I'll keep this one a secret)
* Barista Training ( It was memorable and fun)
* Started watching anime again. I'm currently watching One Piece and Sword Art Online.
*I got addicted to Fliptop
*Happy 20th Anniversary El Shaddai
* Found my first regular job
* Found this really cool site called Gaia Online. It won't be long till I say goodbye to Facebook. Google plus is quite cool too.

This post is so random I have no idea what made me write this crap.

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